Domestic awards

2020 Department of Technology, Ministry of Economic "Go Fresh" Competition

The team used a vapor-phase clean process to assemble functional tissue engineering sc...
     Regenerative medicine uses stem cell proliferation and differentiation potential to induce target organs or tissues, and is used to replace or regenerate damaged human cells, tissues or organs caused by intrinsic defects, diseases, trauma and aging, in order to restore or establish normal physiological functions. In response to the rapid increase in demand for regenerative medicine due to the aging population in Taiwan and the world, our team intends to combine the scientific expertise of "Development of Cell Therapy Products in Regenerative Medicine" to develop novel multifunctional tissue engineering scaffold materials, which will serve as carriers for stem cells. Develop advanced regenerative medicine restoration medical materials with medical utility. The team uses a vapor-phase process to create a multifunctional tissue engineering scaffold, which coats the patient’s platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or adult stem cells into a functional scaffold with biological activity, which can be transplanted into the patient’s body , Accelerate its recovery and autologous stem cells can also reduce inflammation, providing a new treatment for patients with degenerative arthritis. This innovative process does not require the use of catalysts, initiators, oxidants and toxic solvents in the innovative process, and can adjust its porosity, pore size and mechanical properties through the process, and can also coat various biological functional molecules to derive different Medical purposes, such as cartilage regeneration, hard bone repair or other tissue repair, etc. We use a novel biomedical material, parylene (USP Class VI highly biocompatible polymer) as the substrate. In summary, the research team has the most advanced and innovative biomaterials combined with the advantages of regenerative medicine, which will lead the development of domestic medical materials and regenerative medicine, and hope to become the research and development energy for precision treatment in the future.