Domestic awards

The 13th National Innovation Award

This newly created product shows a new type of intraocular lens prepared by chemical vapor deposition encapsulation method, synthetic functional parylene and coating liquid, this new device also provides adjustable optical parameters and biological functionality. As an excellent optical device, this new type of intraocular lens device has a high index of refraction, which comes from the properties of parylene polymer. By controlling the wettability of the coating liquid, it can give the device a controllable effective focal length. This device can also provide anti-ultraviolet properties; and as an important biomedical device, this new type of intraocular lens exhibits good biocompatibility, and due to the properties of parylene polymer, this device has been confirmed by scientific analysis Effectively reduce calcium deposits caused by the device after surgery. In addition, the unique chemical properties of the functional parylene surface can be used to accurately modify functional biomolecules at specific positions on the surface of the intraocular lens. In this product verification, RGD peptides that enhance cell adhesion are used Molecules and polyethylene glycol molecules with anti-scaling effects are used to modify the surface of a new type of intraocular lens , and human lens epithelial cells, human corneal epithelial cells and fibroblasts are cultured on them. The verification results show that this technology can be used for all kinds of Cells and effective control of the attachment of cells to specific areas are very important to avoid complications caused by the device.