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2020 Runner-up of the "10th Go Fresh Competition" by the Technology Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs: "A new type of intraocular lens with adjustable optical properties and biological functions" from the "Good Vision" team of NTU

Qiu Qiuhui, Director of the Technology Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, said: "Although Taiwan is small, it has strong scientific and technological capabilities, innovation capabilities and excellent manpower. This is also the foundation of our foothold in the world, and the innovative energy of youth will continue Taiwan's future." For young students to innovate and start their businesses, we have promoted the "Pre-emptive Contest" competition activities, allowing students to use 91 technical expertise developed and verified by 9 major legal entities including the Industrial Technology Research Institute and the Institute of Information Technology to carry out innovative ideas, creative implementations and entrepreneurial plans. Through the spark collision between corporate technology and young students, on the one hand, it can find more possibilities for the application of science and technology, on the other hand, it can also cultivate seeds for future investment in innovation and research and development. It is hoped that through the care and resolution of people’s livelihood issues through students’ creative applications, science The professional results are more diversified and implemented in the people's livelihood. At the same time, it can also tap the academic research and development talent resources, find creative seed teams, cultivate new creative talents who can cooperate for a long time in the future, enhance international competitiveness and cultivate new industry energy.
The "Pre-emptive Contest" entered its 10th edition. A total of 313 teams and 1,498 students participated in the competition this year, and 35 teams of outstanding works were selected. The "Good Vision" team from National Taiwan University's Institute of Chemical Technology won the first runner-up in the "Entrepreneurship Planning" category. The team combined green cleaning processes and controlled liquid optical technology to develop a new generation of "customized" artificial lenses for cataract patients. This innovative product is a non-mechanical (liquid) structure, a high-end artificial lens product with "optical control" and "biological functionality", which can treat cataract problems. This new type of artificial lens has the following characteristics: (1) Green manufacturing process reduces by-products of the reaction process; (2) Long-term implantation in the human body has better biocompatibility, safety and durability; (3) Anti-UV Function; (4) Customize the optical and biological properties of crystals to achieve precision medical purposes.

Reference URL: 經濟部技術處 搶鮮大賽 (getfresh.org.tw)